Life Beyond Brain Injury: Find Your Joy Once More

Rediscover Fulfillment: Your Compassionate Guide to Enjoying Life Post-TBI

Ready to reclaim your happiness? Begin your journey to joy with a free, compassionate consultation.

The Quest for Joy Amidst Traumatic Brain Injury

Confronting a New Reality

If life after TBI has reshaped your world and left you longing for the joys you once knew, we understand. You might confront a daily struggle with routines that feel insurmountable or face emotions that are hard to navigate. The question isn’t just about coping; it’s about how to find delight and satisfaction again in a landscape that seems so changed.

We’re here with you on this path, helping you rediscover and enjoy life’s pleasures, one step at a time. Through empathy, expertise, and personalized strategies, we pave a path back to self-reliance and joy.

At Healing Rise Up Solutions, our belief is your beacon – that every individual has the inherent strength to enjoy life after TBI. We are your dedicated partners in this journey, illuminating the path toward a brighter, more self-sufficient future.

Karen Menz TBI survivor

The Joy of Every Day: Rediscovered

Karen Menz: Your Compassionate Path Finder

Through my own TBI recovery, I’ve gained the wisdom and empathy needed to guide others toward life’s joys. Together, we’ll tailor a path that spotlights not just healing, but living with happiness and fulfillment daily.

Join me in transforming everyday moments into extraordinary achievements and in relighting the spark that TBI tried to dim. With personalized mentorship, let’s step forward into a life where your TBI is part of your story, not the entirety of it.

True strength and recovery encompass a blend of:

Spirituality | Wellness | Community | Mindfulness

Did You Know? Over half of TBI survivors wrestle with cognitive challenges daily. Our programs help you embrace happiness and overcome these hurdles.

Pathways to Cognitive Health & Joyful Living

Embrace life’s pleasures anew with our Customized Coaching Programs, designed to fast-track your cognitive recovery and renew your ability to enjoy everyday moments.

Find Pleasure in Clarity and Focus

Our tailored Coaching Programs aren’t just recovery tools—they’re your stepping stones to rediscovering the pleasures of a sharp and clear mind.

Rediscover Delight in Thinking

With our One-on-One Mentoring, feel supported and motivated to tackle cognitive challenges, rediscovering the joy in every mental success.

Elevate Daily Life

Strategies for Lifestyle Adaptation turn advice into action, helping you to enjoy and find delight in conquering day-to-day tasks and routines.

Discover the Path to Enjoying Life Each Day

1. Schedule Your Free Consultation

Kickstart your path to rediscovering joy with a personalized consultation designed to tackle your unique TBI challenges and map out a hopeful future.

2. Personalize Your Journey to Vitality

Collaborate on a plan that centers around enhancing your mental agility and emotional resilience, with a focus on regaining pleasure in everyday life.

3. Gain Holistic Life Enjoyment

Achieve a holistic transformation that empowers you not just to live but to relish life again, with regained autonomy and a rediscovered sense of purpose.

Bridging the Gap: From Your Current Reality to a Future Filled with Joy

Stories of Triumph and Joy

Alex Nicolette


“With Hathy’s guidance, I was able to create a health and wellness routine that includes me, me, and more me. I love it!

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Maria Edwards

Web Designer

“I can’t believe my energy levels. I finally put my phone down, stopped scrolling, and actually got my energy back.

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