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Supportive Life and Nutrition Coaching in Locust Grove, Georgia

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Fresh Perspective From Friendly Nutritionists

Sometimes people have good intentions to eat and live well but lack the support or the motivation to put those goals into action. That’s why Healing Rise Up Solutions is here to provide supportive life and nutrition coaching to get you back on the path to happy, healthy living. Whether you need life or nutrition coaching, we have you covered.

About Life Coaching

The first thing you need to understand about life coaching is that it’s different from therapy, counseling, mentoring or mere advice. Life coaching is all about addressing what’s going on in your life right now, identifying obstacles and choosing a course of action to promote positive change. Healing Rise Up Solutions has all the tools and techniques to gain back full control over your life.
As your caring life coaches, we work to build a bond and an alliance with you that gives you the power to overcome your challenges. We know that you have the power within yourself to transform your dreams into action – we merely help you connect your head and your heart by asking the right questions and providing you with the resources you need.
Whether your life coaching needs are based on eating habits, health or something deeper such as self-esteem, Healing Rise Up Solutions is here to provide insights to help you change your life.

About Nutrition Coaching

You don’t have to have severe eating disorders to benefit from the help of a nutrition coach. If you could benefit from ideas, strategies and extra motivation to help you eat and feel better, a nutrition coach could be the answer.
When you choose the qualified professionals at Healing Rise Up Solutions, we start by determining your nutrition habits, your goals for your health and well-being and what has worked for you in the past through a preliminary health assessment. Based on this information, we will build an individualized plan that works for your tastes, your schedule and busy lifestyle.

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Start moving your life in a better direction and get in touch with the talented coaches of Healing Rise Up Solutions. We’re excited to meet you and help you get to where you want to be in life.
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My Testimony

My testimony is more lengthy than others. I was born and raised Roman Catholic. Went to a Catholic school and graduated High School. As a child the words of my grandparents were negative, “I was not going to amount to anything.” So I assumed they were correct, but God was working in my life knowing I would do his plan, not theirs. Surrounded by Christians all my life I was blessed by their prayers for my soul. My soul was dark and started to believe these lies that were told me. So, I acted out exactly how everyone wanted me to be. I drank, smoked cigarettes and partied. I also tried other religious beliefs like Paganism, Buddhism or any other religious belief system out there. I was lost and desired to be found.
I hated myself and wished I was never born. The prayers of Angels saved my life because one day I awoke from my slumber and started walking in the light of our Heavenly Father. It took a beautiful three (3) year old to help me along the path that God wanted me to go not the world. This little gift from God gave me hope where I never had it before. I couldn’t even look in the mirror till the scales were removed from my eyes. The lies told were not the truth. I wasn’t dumb and stupid like they made me feel but a smart, generous, kind, gentle spirit that needed to be awakened from the depths of hell that I was living. This little three (3) year old was my daughter. She asked me. “Mom, will you go to church with me?” Who would think a child could change the fate of a thirty-year-old single mother. Only prayers from those who believed in me and knew I was a child of God. Their prayers saved this soul from the pits of hell. For God had a greater plan than I intended for my life. The struggles and tribulations in life are now my past and a tool to help others go forward into tomorrow. I have been given a second chance in life, I am now re-married and we desire to adopt a child soon.
That is why I am attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition to Help You be a Healthier You. 
Currently, I am an intern soon to graduate as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach, my desire is to help people become aware of their whole life. As a Health Coach, I will help in the Primary foods. 
Primary foods are anything in your life that nourishes you but does not come on a plate. The areas are:
  • Spirituality: Develop a spiritual practice that fits your beliefs and gives depth and meaning to your life.
  • Relationships: Have healthy relationships that support you.
  • Career: Find work you love or find a way to love the work you have.
  • Physical Activity: Find a form of movement you enjoy and do it regularly
  • Along with Secondary foods which is the food you eat. 
  • My goal is to encourage, cultivate and promote healthy eating and while living a balanced life. 
  • I am dedicated to inspiring overworked, stressed professionals to become healthy, wealthy, and live joyful lives!